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Datasensor US30-PR-5-N23-OH (95B040110)

Product Summary

M30 Ultrasonic 90 degree 2M NPN/PNP M12
Manufacturer: Datasensor
Manufacturer part number: 95B040110
SKU: 94232
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DATASENSOR US30 Series Highlights

  • Models with configurable NPN/PNP NO/NC bipolar digital output
  • Models with 0-10V and 4-20mA analogue output
  • Sensor outputs can be programmed separately
  • Models with 100mm…1m or 200mm…2m operating range
  • Minimum resolution: 0.5 mm for 1m models and 1mm for 2m models
  • Analogue output linearity: ±0,25% measured distance
  • Minimum detection window: 10mm
  • Response time (models with digital output): 48ms for 1m models and 96ms for 2m models
  • Response time (models with analogue output): selectable 45ms or 105ms for 1 m models and 96ms or 222ms for 2m models
  • Simple and quick configuration using the TEACH-IN procedure
  • REMOTE input for quicker and safer sensor remote configuration
  • -40...+70°C operating temperature with temperature variation compensation function

DATASENSOR US30 Series Description

The range of measurement and inspection devices is enriched thanks to the introduction
of new tubular standard M30x1 sensors of the US30 series.

Models with operating distances reaching 200 cm are available either with bipolar digital
output (1 NPN and 1 PNP) or with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue output.

The sensors can be easily configured using the Teach-in function, while the operating
status is visibly signalled by 3 LEDs.

The temperature compensation function corrects the sound speed changes due to
temperature variations, so the sensor precision remains unchanged in all situations and
guarantees a resolution reaching 0.5 mm.

The electrical connection is accomplished through standard M12 4-pole connectors.
The new US30 ultrasonic sensors detect all objects independent from the non soundabsorbent
material, reflectivity, transparency and colour, thus perfectly suiting applications
in the automotive, packaging, machine tool fields and material transformation processes.

DATASENSOR US30 Applications

The new US30 series is ideal especially for applications that require a medium-high working distance and precise resolution. Typical applications include material transformation and machine tool processes as well as liquid and/or solid level detection.

  • Automotive
  • Packaging and Packing
  • Material transformationprocesses
  • Machine tool
  • Crane guidance
  • Position measurement on automatic machines for component testing and assembling
  • Liquid and/or solid level detection

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