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Honeywell 3800VHD/ESD-12E (3800VHD/ESD-12E)

Product Summary

3800VHD Very High Density Linear Image Scanner (Very High Density, Manual Trigger and Commercial Interfaces)
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Manufacturer part number: 3800VHD/ESD-12E
SKU: 87055
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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€854.06 excl VAT
€1,110.28 excl VAT

Product Line Information

The IMAGETEAM 3800VHD is a high performance scanner for industrial electronic manufacturing applications. It offers excellent reading performance on 3 mil. and larger bar codes plus the durability needed for rough industrial applications backed by a five year warranty. Linear Imaging technology combines a bright sharp aiming line with high resolution reading The IT3800VHD has the industry's best drop spec to deliver excellent value for demanding industrial applications. Each decoded output scanner has the capability to connect as a keyboard wedge use the serial port output non decoded laser compatible signals or operate in wand emulation mode. The IT3800 connects to all popular PCs Apple MAC and portable data terminals. A non decoded mode can be used with external wedge decoders and portable terminals or other devices with decoding capability. Standard cables are used to reduce replacement expense.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced Decode Algorithms and Optics - Reads
  • Powerful, Flexible Architecture - Connects and interfaces to all major PCs, commercial and retail DOS terminals easily and quickly with Windows®-based programming tools or bar code programming menus.
  • Solid, Rugged Design - No moving parts and solid construction outside deliver years of reliable service in demanding work environments
  • Unique Optical System - Enhanced depth-of-field easily covers the full range of hand held scanning uses in point- of -sale and general purpose scanning applications
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Manufacturer category Honeywell 3800VHD
Manufacturer Honeywell