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Honeywell 3900LX-12E (3900LX-12E)

Product Summary

3900 Fixed Mount Linear Image Scanner (Extended Range, Decoded Output and ROHS)
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Manufacturer part number: 3900LX-12E
SKU: 87067
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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€444.42 excl VAT
€577.75 excl VAT

Product Line Information

The IMAGETEAM(IT) 3900 is a fixed position linear imager that adds bar code scanning to kiosks and other OEM applications. The IT3900 uses linear imaging technology to deliver a bright sharp aiming line and fast reading and decoding that makes scanning intuitive and simple. The IT3900 has an automatic trigger mode for constant scanning or can be used in a presentation mode where the scanner is turned on when a bar code is placed in its viewing area. Scanning can also be controlled by the host computer via serial commands. The IT3900 has interface flexibility too. The IT3800 can connect via keyboard wedge RS232 serial interface or into USB ports in IBM-compatible PCs or Apple computers.

Features & Benefits

  • Bright, Sharp and Focused Aiming Line - Easy to aim and scan codes in any lighting condition from darkness to full sunlight, tightly stacked bar code sheets, or small, high resolution labels
  • Enhanced Decode Algorithms and Optics - Reads
  • Enhanced Decode Algorithms and Optics - Reads real-world bar codes with printer induced bar space variation, fading, short quiet zones, low contrast, dot matrix printing, and multi-part forms
  • Translucent Plastic Housing - Complements iMac computers and provides a sharp, modern look without sacrificing user comfort.
  • USB Interface - Compatible with iMac and other USB complient PCs.
  • Powerful, Flexible Architecture - Connects and interfaces to all major PCs, commercial and retail DOS terminals easily and quickly with Windows®-based programming tools or bar code programming menus.
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Honeywell 3900
Manufacturer Honeywell