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Magnetic Sensors

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Sick RZF1-03ZUS-KWD (1016377)

Magnetic cylinder sensor RZF1-03ZUS-KWD application: T-slot mounting, 10m cabel Reed AC/DC 2-wire, NO
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Sick RZT1-03ZRS-KWD (1022786)

Magnetic cylinder sensor RZT1-03ZRS-KWD application: T-slot mounting Reed AC/DC 3-wire, NO, 10m cabel
€36.16 excl VAT €34.35 excl VAT

Sick RZN1-05ZRS-KRD (1022939)

Magnetic Cylinder Sensor RZN1-05ZRS-KRD, Application: pneumatic zylinder with miniature round slot, REED, AC/DC 3 wire, NO, PUR-cable (500 mm) with plug M8 knurled screw
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Sick RZT6-03ZRS-KW0 (1023974)

RZT6-03ZRS-KW0 Magnetic cylinder sensor reed AC/DC 3-wire, PNP, NO, cable 2m, PVC
€31.73 excl VAT €30.15 excl VAT

Sick RZT6-03ZRS-KQ0 (1025549)

RZT6-03ZRS-KQ0 Magnetic cylinder sensor DC 3-wire, Reed, NO, cable with connector, M12, 3-pin (PUR, L=300mm)
€38.15 excl VAT €36.25 excl VAT

Sick RZT6-03ZRS-KWD (1026752)

RZT6-03ZRS-KWD Magnetic cylindersensor reed AC/DC 3-wire, NO, cable 10m, PVC
€37.49 excl VAT €35.62 excl VAT

Sick RZR1-03ZUS-AT0 (7901265)

Magnetic cylinder sensor RZR1-03ZUS-AT0 application: round-body cylinder Reed AC/DC, 2-wire, NO
€41.37 excl VAT €39.30 excl VAT

Sick RZT1-03ZUS-KU0 (1043567)

Sick RZT1-03ZUS-KU0 (1043567)
€25.83 excl VAT €24.54 excl VAT

Sick MPS-064TSTU0 (1045669)

MPS-064TSTU0 magnetic positioning sensor detecting range 64mm, 0-10V 4-20mA, cable 2m PUR
€174.31 excl VAT €165.59 excl VAT

Sick MPS-256TSNP0 (1053842)

Sick MPS-256TSNP0 (1053842)
€318.41 excl VAT €302.49 excl VAT