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Newland ID DoviSCAN DS-100 (DS-100)

Product Summary

DPM reader
Manufacturer: Newland ID
Manufacturer part number: DS-100
SKU: 207871
Weight(kg): 1.0000

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€1,764.59 excl VAT
€1,588.13 excl VAT


DoviSCAN DS-100 is a smart and compact data matrix scanner especially designed for medical use. DoviSCAN DS-100 is equipped with BlueLED technology to ensure reliable scanning of small 2D data matrix codes used on medical instruments for direct part marking (DPM). Especially codes ranging in size from 1mm to 14mm can be scanned with ease on instruments that have laser cut, engraved or etched data matrix codes.

Products specifications
Manufacturer Newland ID
Manufacturer category Newland ID DoviSCAN DS-100