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Photoelectric Sensors

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SICK WT45-P260 (1009108)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT45-P260 DC 10...60 V, PNP
€1,010.31 excl VAT €974.95 excl VAT

SICK WT12-2Z430 (1016136)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT12-2Z430, with integrated ASI 4 pin M12-plug with only 2 pins used
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SICK WT24-2R210 (1016932)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT24-2R210, Relay SPDT, isolated, light/dark switching selector, Terminal chamber
€419.56 excl VAT €404.87 excl VAT

SICK WT24-2V250 (1017887)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT24-2V250,PNP/NPN,light/dark switching selector, Terminal chamber, Test input, Alarm Front screen heating, time delay
€310.90 excl VAT €295.35 excl VAT

SICK WTB27-3P2443 (1027745)

Photoelectric proximity switch WTB27-3P2443 red light, PNP, plug M12, 4 pins, Easy Teach-in
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SICK WTB27-3F2611 (1027756)

Photoelectric proximity switch WTB27-3F2611 Infrared light, PNP, rectangular plug, 6 pins, time delay
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SICK WTB27-3R2611 (1027763)

Photoelectric proximity switch WTB27-3R2611 Infrared light, rectangular plug, 6 pins, time delay
€285.30 excl VAT €271.04 excl VAT

SICK WTB4-3P1161 (1028096)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WTB4-3P1161 150mm, BGS, PNP,complementary Potentiometer, 2m cable, 4-wire
€154.74 excl VAT €147.01 excl VAT

SICK WTB4-3N3161 (1028103)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WTB4-3N3161 150 mm BGS, NPN, Potentiometer, 100 mm cable with connector M8, 3 pin
€141.98 excl VAT €134.88 excl VAT

SICK WTV4-3P2281 (1028114)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WTV4-3P2241 50 mm V-optic <(>&<)> BGS, for the detection of transparent <(>&<)> shiny objects, Potentiometer, PNP, complementary, connector M8, 4 pin
€170.07 excl VAT €161.57 excl VAT