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Safety Switches

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Banner SI-LM40MKVD (3046725)

Limit Switch: Flexible Trumpet, Actuator Position: Front back left or right, Contact Configuration: 1 N.C. & 1 N.O., Dimensions: 102 x 40 x 38 mm; Metal Housing
€149.05 excl VAT

Banner SI-MAG2SM (3046991)

Magnetic Switch: Small Rectangular Sensor; Repeat Switching Accuracy: +/-0.1mm; Dimensions: 43 x 26 mm; 10 ft cable; Used With: Model SI-MAG1C
€92.54 excl VAT

Sick UE4427-03DC9F0 (1028304)

Sick UE4427-03DC9F0 (1028304)
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Sick I12-SB213 (6025059)

Safety Switch, light duty, i12-SB213
€33.19 excl VAT €30.30 excl VAT

Sick I100-MR0113 (6022595)

Safety Switch, Metal, locking i100Lock-MR0113
€278.28 excl VAT €264.36 excl VAT

Sick I10-E0453 (6020598)

Safety Switch plastic w/ locking i10Lock-E0453
€177.82 excl VAT €162.75 excl VAT

Sick I10-RA213 (6025085)

i10-RA213 Safety Position Switch with roller lever
€23.95 excl VAT €22.75 excl VAT

Sick I100-ER0242 (6012125)

Safety Switch, Metal, locking i100Lock-ML0242 Attention Due to the guideline 94/9/EG-ATEX 100a, valid as of July 1st 2003, this product is no longer approved for EX-Zone 2 areas .
€292.80 excl VAT €278.16 excl VAT

Sick I1001 (6021018)

i1001 Safety Interlock
Call for pricing

Sick I15-EM0133 (6034029)

Safety Locking Device i15Lock
€181.37 excl VAT €172.30 excl VAT