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Sick I200-M1413 (6025119)

Product Summary

Safety Switch, Metal, locking i200-M1413
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 6025119
SKU: 151295
Weight(kg): 0.5510

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€162.21 excl VAT
€154.10 excl VAT
  • Compact plastic housing
  • Stainless steel entry for actuator
  • Either rigid, mobile or bolt actuators available
  • 3 M20 x 1.5 cable entry glands
  • Locked by spring force and magnetic force
  • Lock and door monitoring
  • LED locking indicator
  • Your benefits

  • High reliability due to rugged metal actuator head, even when the guard has a mechanical offset
  • Flexible electrical connectivity due to three cable entry glands
  • Improved diagnostics due to additional contacts for door monitoring and LED lock monitoring
  • Different switching elements offer the appropriate solution for electrical installation
  • Bolt actuator offers personal protection in the hazardous area and prevents an undesirable restart of the machine

Technical data
Housing material:Plastic
Enclosure rating:IP 65
Ambient operating temperature from ... to:-20 °C ... 60 °C
B10d parameter:2* 1E 06 switching cycles, with small load
Locking type:Mechanical
Maximum locking force:2,000 N
Number of actuation directions:3
Approach speed:10 m/min
Switching principle:Slow action switching element
Number of positive action N/C solenoid monitoring contacts:2
Number of N/O solenoid monitoring contacts:0
Number of positive action N/C door monitoring contacts:2
Number of N/O door monitoring contacts:1
Number of N/C door monitoring contacts:0
Mechanical life:1* 1E 06 switching cycles
Usage category in compliance with IEC/EN 60947-5-1:AC-15/DC-13
Rated operating current (voltage):3 A (240 V AC)
3 A (24 V DC)
Solenoid operating voltage:110 V AC
Connection type:Cable gland
Weight:0.55 kg
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick IL-EM
Manufacturer Sick