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Sick LUT1B-12205 (1027497)

Product Summary

Luminescence scanner LUT1B-12205 Cylindrical lense Scanning distance approx. 70...80mm Light spot approx. 10x70mm
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1027497
SKU: 149522
Weight(kg): 0.2850

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€1,008.52 excl VAT
€971.21 excl VAT


  • Infinite switching threshold adjustment using touch-sensitive keypad
  • Long sensing distances up to 150 mm
  • Transmitter LED UV (375 nm) or blue (470 nm)
  • Fast switching speed 600 Hz or 6 kHz
  • Your benefits

  • Robust metal housing is reliable and ideal for tough environment conditions
  • High detection reliability ensures the process: Blue transmitter LED excites red luminophores especially well. The UV LED is well-suited for blue, green or yellow marks.
  • Visible light spot of the LUT1B version makes accurate alignment easy

Dimensions (L x W x H):47.5 mm x 23 mm x 70 mm
Sensing distance 1):80 mm
Operating range:60 mm 100 mm
Light source 2) 3):Blue LED
Light emission:Long side
Light spot size:20 mm x 50 mm
Receiving filters:OG 590
Receiving range:590 nm ... 750 nm
Adjustment:Manual ("+"/"-" button)
Output function:Light switching
1) From front edge of lens  2) Average service life of 100,000 h at TA = +25 °C   3) Wave length: 470 nm  
Supply voltage Vs 1):DC 10 V ... 30 V
Ripple 2):< 5 Vpp
Power consumption 3):< 40 mA
Switching frequency 4):600 Hz
Response time 5):850 µs
Switching output:PNP: HIGH = VS- ≤ 2 V / LOW approx. 0 V
Switching mode:PNP
Analog output QA:0.5 mA ... 10 mA 6)
Output current Imax.:200 mA
Connection type:Connector M12, 5-pin
Protection class 7):III
Circuit protection:Output Q short-circuit protected
Interference suppression
VS connections reverse-polarity protected
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Weight:Ca. 240 g
Housing material:Zinc diecast
1) Limit values: operation in short-circuit protected network max. 8 A  2) May not exceed or fall short of VS tolerances  3) Without load  4) With light/dark ratio 1:1, no time delay  5) Signal transit time with resistive load  6) Only LUT1B-12205  7) Reference voltage DC 50 V  
Ambient data
Ambient temperature:Operation: -20 ... 60 °C
Storage: -40 ... 70 °C
Shock load:According to IEC 60068
Products specifications
Registration Sensor Type Luminescence Sensors
Manufacturer category Sick LUT1
Manufacturer Sick