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Sick MPA-215THTP0 (1059448)

Product Summary

Sick MPA-215THTP0 (1059448)
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1059448
SKU: 198119
Weight(kg): 0.1650

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€319.99 excl VAT
€306.32 excl VAT
    • Analog positioning sensor that can be mounted with adapters on various cylinders thanks to its universal housing, e.g., cylinders with T-slot, round and tie rod cylinders
    • Measuring lengths from 107 mm to 1,007 mm in 36 mm steps
    • Output signals 4 mA to 20 mA as well as 0 V to 10 V in a single sensor
    • Linearity of 0.5 mm at a sample rate of 1.15 ms and an resolution of 0.06 mm
    • Electric setting of zero point and end point via teach-in button
    • IP 67 enclosure rating

Your benefits

  • Maximum flexibility through measuring ranges from 107 mm to
  • 1,007 mm
  • Increased machine performance thanks to the sensor’s minimal blind zone
  • Saves time due to configurable start and end points via intelligent Teach Pad
  • A rugged aluminum housing, the capacitive Teach Pad and the anti-kink cable guarantees a long operational lifetime of the sensor and reduces maintenance costs
  • Time savings through simple commissioning and diagnostics thanks to a 4-color LED display
  • Analog power, voltage signal and IO-Link in a single sensor reduces the range of variants and thereby lowers warehousing costs
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link save time and money



Output function: Analog, IO-Link
Electrical wiring: DC 4-wire
Teach-in: 1
Cylinder types with adapter: Roundbody cylinder
Tie rod cylinder
Measuring range: 215 mm 1)
Housing length: 217 mm
Analog output (voltage): 0 V ... 10 V
Analog output (current): 4 mA ... 20 mA
Enclosure rating: IP 65
IP 67
IP 68 2)
IO-Link functions: Standard functions
1) ± 1 mm  2) According to EN 60529  
Connection type: Cable with connector M8, 4-pin, 0.3 m 1)
Supply voltage: 15 V DC ... 30 V DC
EMC: According to EN 60947-5-2 2)
Load resistance, max.: 500 Ω 3)
Min. load resistance: 2 kΩ 4)
Cable material: PUR
Conductor cross-section: 0.14 mm²
Reverse polarity protection:
Short-circuit protection:
Housing material: Aluminium
Housing cap material: PA, strengthened
Output indicator:
Linearity typ.: 0.5 mm
Resolution typ.: 0.03 % FSR (max. >= 0.06 mm) 5)
Repeat accuracy typ: 0.06 % FSR (>= 0.1 mm) 6)
Shock/vibration: 30 g, 11 ms/10 Hz ... 55 Hz, 1 mm
Ambient operating temperature: -20 °C ... +70 °C
Protection class: III
Magnetic field sensitivity, typ.: 2 mT
Sampling rate typ.: 1.15 ms
1) Do not bend below 0 °C  2) The analog measured value can deviate under transient conditions  3) Power output  4) Voltage output  5) 6) FSR: Full Scale Range; max. measuring range  
Products specifications
Manufacturer Sick
Manufacturer category Sick MPA