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Sick PU3H17-00000000 (2045643)

Product Summary

PU3H17-00000000 robust device column with 2 external assembling grooves for safety lightcurtains and multiple light beam safety devices, max. mounting length 1720mm, column length 1740mm
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 2045643
SKU: 182599
Weight(kg): 8.4220

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

€377.04 excl VAT
€363.85 excl VAT

Technical data

Accessory group: Device protection (mechanical)
Accessory family: Device columns
Description: With two external mounting slots, maximum installation length 1720 mm, column height 1740 mm
Protective field height: 150 mm ... 1,350 mm
Usable for: C2000 Eco, C2000 Cascadable, C2000 RES/EDM, C2000 Standard, C4000 Advanced, C4000 Basic, C4000 Basic Plus, C4000 Eco, C4000 Fusion, C4000 Micro, C4000 Micro Cold Store, C4000 Select, C4000 Standard, deTec4 Core, M2000 Cascadable, M2000 RES/EDM, M2000 RES/EDM A/P, M2000 Standard, M2000 Standard A/P, M4000 Advanced, M4000 Advanced Curtain, M4000 Standard, M4000 Standard Curtain
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick COLMIR
Manufacturer Sick