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Sick SKM36-HVV0-K02 (1035602)

Product Summary

SKM36-HVV0-K02 MOTORFEEDBACK HIPERFACE 128 Sin/Cos periodes 4096 rev
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1035602
SKU: 114690
Weight(kg): 0.2860

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€293.05 excl VAT
€282.21 excl VAT


  • Motor feedback systems for the standard performance range
  • 128 sine/cosine periods per revolution
  • Absolute position with a resolution of 4,096 increments per revolution and 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn system
  • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
  • HIPERFACE® interface
  • Integrated version and stand-alone design
  • Certified according to SIL2/PL d (only valid for SKS36S/SKM36S-H...)
  • Conforms to RoHs
  • Your benefits

  • The small dimension allows manufacturers of low-power and minimal-power motors to considerably reduce the size of their motors
  • The stand-alone version is ideally suited as a master and path encoders
  • The SKS/SKM36 motor feedback systems have strongly penetrated the drive technology market
  • The consistent mechanical components in SEK/SEL37 allow for a high degree of flexibility with various encoder systems

Number of sine/cosine periods per revolution:128
Number of the absolute ascertainable revolutions:4,096 (Multiturn)
Total number of steps:16,777,216
Measuring step:2.5 angular seconds (at interpolation of the sine/cosine signals with e.g. 12 Bit)
Error limits for the digital absolute value:± 320 angular seconds (via RS485)
Integral non-linearity typ.:± 120 angular seconds (Error limits for evaluating sine/cosine period)
Differential non-linearity:(Non-linearity within a sine/cosine period)
Operating speed:6,000 /min, up to which the absolute position can be reliably produced
Available memory area:1,792 Byte (EEPROM 2048)
Mechanical data
Shaft diameter:6 mm
Flange type/stator coupling:Servo-/face mount flange
Dimensions:See dimensional drawing
Mass:0.14 kg
Moment of inertia of the rotor:6 gcm²
Maximum angular acceleration:500,000 rad/s²
Operating torque:0.6 Ncm
Start up torque:0.9 Ncm
Life of ball bearings:2.0 x 10^9 revolutions
Connection type:Cable, 8-pin, 1.5 m
Shaft version:Solid shaft
Permissible Load capacity of shaft:10 N (radial)
5 N (axial)
Electrical data
Electrical interface:HIPERFACE
Operating voltage range/supply Voltage:7 V DC ... 12 V DC
Recommended supply voltage:8 V DC
Operating current:60 mA
Output frequency for sine/cosine signals:0 kHz ... 65 kHz
Without load  
Type of code for the absolute value:Binary
Code sequence:Increasing, for clockwise shaft rotation, looking in direction "A" (see dimensional drawing)
Interface signals:Process data channel SIN, REFSIN, COS, REFCOS: analog, differential
parameter channel RS 485: digital
Ambient data
Working temperature range:-20 °C ... 100 °C
Storage temperature range:-40 °C ... 125 °C, without package
Relative humidity / Condensation:90 %, Condensation not permitted
Resistance to shocks:100 g, 6 ms (according to EN 60068-2-27)
Resistance to vibration:50 g, 10 Hz ... 2,000 Hz (according to EN 60068-2-6)
EMC:According to EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3
Enclosure rating:IP 65, according to IEC 60529, with mating connector inserted
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick SKM36
Manufacturer Sick