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Turck is a leading manufacturer in industrial automation, selling a range of more than 13,000 sensors, fieldbus, interface and connectivity product solutions for factory and process automation.

As a valued partner, Vision Supplies sells over 300 Turck products and accessories; pick a category from the list below to view the product range.

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Turck Bi3U-MT12E-AP6X-H1141 (1634246)

, M12 x 1, teflon-coated brass 3-wire DC, 10...30 VDC, normally open, pnp output, connector, M12 x 1, Factor 1 for all metals, Magnetic field immune, Extended temperature range, High switching frequency Rated operating dist
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Turck Bi5U-M18-ADZ30X2 (4282210)

Inductive sensor Threaded barrel, M18 x 1, Chrome-plated brass, AC 2-wire, 20-;250 VAC, 2-wire DC, 10-;300 VDC, normally open, cable connection, Cable length 2 m factor 1 for all metals, magnetic field immune, extended temperature range, high switching frequency, Rated operating distance: 5 mm Mounting conditions: flush
€210.98 excl VAT €200.43 excl VAT