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Vision Sensors

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Sick CVS3-N132 (1028672)

Sick CVS3-N132 (1028672)
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Sick AT20D-PM111 (1046464)

Sick AT20D-PM111 (1046464)
€810.17 excl VAT €780.19 excl VAT

Cognex IS2000C-130-DEMO (IS2000C-130-DEMO)

In-Sight 2000-130C Color Vision Sensor (demo unit)
€2,294.95 excl VAT

Cognex IS2000C-LAB (IS2000C-LAB)

In-Sight 2000-130C Color Vision Sensor Lab Kit
€2,584.95 excl VAT

Cognex IS2000M-130-40-000 (IS2000M-130-40-000)

In-Sight 2000-130 Vision Sensor / No ring light or lens
€2,099.96 excl VAT

Cognex IS2000M-130-40-125 (IS2000M-130-40-125)

In-Sight 2000-130 Vision Sensor
€2,294.95 excl VAT

Sick VSPI-2D111 (1046733)

VSPI-2D111 Inspector I20 Flex 2D vision sensor with pattern match and pixel counting tools, 384x384 pixel sensor, white ring light and Ethernet configuration interface, 6mm lens customer exchangable, I/O extension and logical output
€2,154.51 excl VAT €2,046.79 excl VAT

Sick VSPP-3F1122 (1051982)

VSPP-3F1122 Inspector P30
€1,795.84 excl VAT

Sick VSPI-2F141 (1054704)

Inspector I20 Flex IR
€1,254.09 excl VAT €1,191.39 excl VAT

Sick VSPP-5F2113 (1056082)

Sick VSPP-5F2113 (1056082)
€1,927.56 excl VAT €1,831.19 excl VAT