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Vision Systems

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Cognex IS7402-01-550-000 (IS7402-01-550-000)

IS7402 without PatMax, 16mm, IR light
€9,546.55 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-11-110-000 (IS7402-11-110-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 with PatMax, 6mm, Red light
€10,147.16 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-11-230-000 (IS7402-11-230-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 with PatMax, 8mm, Green light
€8,398.01 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-11-540-000 (IS7402-11-540-000)

IS7402 with PatMax, 16mm, Blue light
€10,147.16 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-C01 (IS7402-C01)

IN-SIGHT 7402 1280x1024,COLOR,NO LGT
€9,667.72 excl VAT

Cognex IS7402-C11-120-000 (IS7402-C11-120-000)

IN-SIGHT 7402 1280x1024,COLOR,6MM,WHT
€10,868.95 excl VAT

Cognex IS7410-01-140-000 (IS7410-01-140-000)

IN-SIGHT 7410 ID Reader, 6mm, Blue Light
€4,625.76 excl VAT

Cognex IS7410-01-410-000 (IS7410-01-410-000)

IS7410 ID Reader, 12mm, Red Light
€5,953.42 excl VAT

Cognex IS7410-01-530-000 (IS7410-01-530-000)

IS7410 ID Reader, 16mm, Green Light
€4,625.76 excl VAT

Cognex IS7412-01-130-000 (IS7412-01-130-000)

IN-SIGHT 7412 High Res ID Reader, 6mm, Green Light
€5,679.46 excl VAT